Oh no! The lava’s rising and the meteors are falling. I’m afraid if we don’t score here, then we’ll all be fossils! I could always take the shot myself, but maybe I should pass it real quick to someone else. The Velociraptor is too small to take a shot, and I can barely see him from up here anyways. That Stegosaurus seems to only be good for bumping into other dinosaurs, whether they’re friendly or not. The Triceratops is always an option. He’s always going on about be the “3 Point Man” but does having three horns really make you better at shooting? On second thought, maybe I should give the ball to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. He’s looking pretty scary right now and I can’t tell if he’s just hungry for the ball, or hungry for me.
— Brontosaurus

DINO DUNK is a competitive dexterity game where two or four players control teams of dinosaurs playing a basketball-inspired game. Each team consists of five dinosaurs chosen from a pool of ten dinosaurs, each with unique abilities, represented by wooden discs of various sizes. Players will alternate turns, flicking either their dinosaurs or the ball with their finger as they move, pass, and shoot in order to score the most points. The winner of the game is the first team to score 6 points.